Dividend policy

The Company recognizes that returning profits to shareholders is an important task of management. It is our intention to provide a stable and consistent dividend based on a comprehensive view toward securing internal reserves suitable to needs for funds to increase earnings and expand business operations.

The Company plans to use funds from internal reserves effectively to reinforce financial base by repaying borrowings, to fund business capital for the Group’s operations, and to make growth investments in new businesses and overseas expansion. For the fiscal year ended March 31, 2021, the Company paid a year-end dividend of ¥23.5 per share. When combined with the interim dividend of ¥22.5 per share, the Company paid a total full-year dividend of ¥46 per share.

In addition, the Company will repurchase its own shares as appropriate, while considering financial position and share price trends, in order to implement an agile capital policy compatible with a changing business environment.