Message to Our Shareholders and Investors


I would like to start this message by thanking all of you sincerely for your exceptional support.


Premium Group Co., Ltd. was created in 2007 out of our wish to offer truly valuable living support to customers through financing and other services of the highest levels. Since our founding, we have placed a high value on the viewpoints of ordinary people. Based on this policy, we have always pursued new ideas not bound by existing frameworks and concepts. We consider it our mission to develop and propose new services aimed at realizing a truly affluent society, making the most of a diversified business portfolio peculiar to an independent service provider, which is our greatest strength.


At present, Premium Group is pursuing three growth strategies, which are the deepening of existing businesses, participation in new businesses and the expansion of overseas markets. In addition to stepping up automobile credit financing and automobile warranty services, our core competences, we are aiming to develop new services in auto markets and the financing field and to accelerate business expansion in overseas markets focused on Southeast Asia in a bid to stabilize our revenue base. We will continue to offer services with high added values that support the diverse lifestyles of people all over the world with the service knowhow we have accumulated over the years as their starting point.


We believe that growth demands change. We will remain a company that enjoys the existing environment of rapid change and that continues to take on new challenges in such an environment. We ask you to stay tuned for the further growth of Premium Group, which we will achieve together with you. We also respectfully ask for your continued support.